I was born to be a home techonomist!

My Italian-American immigrant grandparents taught me that success depends on working hard and working smart — yet first and foremost, the heart of the family MUST come first, to be happy AND successful.

My education and ambitions integrated all of these values and principles. A BS degree in Home Economics focused on the things that make a home both functional and comfortable. My MS degree in Family Studies added the social and behavioral parts of how families and organizations live and/or work together as teams, regardless of how family is defined.

Yet something was missing.

As computer-based household electronics became more affordable and easier to use, the choice of whether or not to “use technology” disappeared into a more fundamental question of how to use technology. My advanced specialization in Educational Technology from Purdue University focused on developing optimal training techniques to guide families into successfully embracing their inevitable Smart Home lifestyles.

So what is a Home Techonomist?

To create that “smart home” you have to be a bit of a tech-geek – someone who likes to try out new and evolving home technology and discovering what is ready for prime time, what’s not, and what, even though it was a “good idea,”  simply doesn’t work. A Home Techonomist then is a person who likes loves to take home technology and find ways to integrate it into the home’s everyday life.

Join me in making magic.

There’s a real magic that’s created when we use technology to enhance our kitchen and home. Creating the “Smart Home” lifestyle takes some trial and error. Sure it’s fun to test and try things out, but I’ve discovered that not everyone likes to be on the “bleeding edge” of technology. In fact, most folks don’t have the time or inclination to try stuff out and see if it will work for them. They want to know if they get this gadget or put this system in place that it will just work for them.

And, that’s why I started this site – to help you discover what will work for you and why. Follow along with my technology integration, recipe reworks, and helpful (I hope) household tips. See if they don’t make your life a little more efficient, effective, and most of all more enjoyable.

As always, share your thoughts with me: here on my Facebook Page or via my contact page. You could go all in and ask to join my free (at least for now) EBZLady private Facebook group where we have ongoing conversations about all things “home techonomist.”

Looking forward to discovering the magic with you.

EBZLady - The Home Techonomist - Mary Ann Remnet



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